Our Team

Our Active Member - Eros Team

The eros team consists of several departments, specifically diploma 3 and applied bachelor.

- Team Leader -

The team leader carries out and considers improvement activities to control team activities that are not in accordance with the rules or parameters that have been set.

Candra Kusuma Wijaya
- 3 D4 Elektronika

- Hardware -

This division deals with the design of robotic eletrical systems. As : schematic design of the EROS board in software and this printing, cable manufacturing, troubleshooting hardware problems, and hardware maintenance.

Syahrul Febriansah
- 2 D4 Mekatronika

Nur Aiza Maulidianita
- 3 D4 Elektronika


The mechanic division focuses on the design and maintenance of robots. This division consists of several jobs, such as robot structure design through sofware printing robot parts using CNC machinces, 3D printing, laser cutting, checking robots regulary, and robot mechanic maintenance.

Muhammad Dava Fachrulah
- 2 D4 Mekatronika


This division focuses on designing object detection systems around robots such as the field, opponent, ball, to humans using cameras.

Shalahuddin Aditya Aji
- 3 D4 Mekatronika


focuses on making a robot motion system so that its movement is stable. movements such as kicking a ball, walking, getting up form a fall, and etc.

Azka Rabbani Minanda
- 2 D4 Komputer

Abulkhair Rizvan Yahya
- 3 D4 Mekatronika


This division is responsible for ensuring that robots can interact and coordinate well so that there are no crashes in the strategy, the protocol used is UDP.

Erlangga Yudi Pradana
- 3 D4 Elektronika


The intelligent division is tasked with making robots think to make decisions form existing data as end-coding.

Candra Kusuma Wijaya
- 3 D4 Elektronika

Sultan Syahputra Yulianto
- 2 D4 Telekomunikasi

Our Alumni Member

The eros team was founded in 2012, here are is ex member eros


Khilmi Rizgi | Teknik Elektronika

Ryan Satria Wijaya | D4 Teknik Elektronika

Ilham Fakrul Arifin | D4 Teknik Elektronika


Mochamad Ayuf Basthomi | Teknik Elektronika

Ahmad Habib Almutawakkil | D4 Teknik Elektronika

Ibrahim Musthofainal Akhyar | D4 Teknik Elektronika

Rokhmat Febrianto | D4 Teknik Mekatronika

Cipta Priambodo | D4 Teknik Komputer


Miftahul Anwar | D4 Teknik Komputer

M. Rizqi Hasan Al Banna | D4 Teknik Komputer

Choirul Anwar Maulana | D4 Teknik Mekatronika

Moch. Yahya Indranuddin | D4 Teknik Mekatronika


Puguh Budi Wasono | D4 Teknik Mekatronika

Muhammad Mukhtarul Latief | D4 Teknik Komputer

Muhammad Wafiq Kamaluddin | D4 Teknik Komputer

Teuku Zikri Fatahillah | D4 Teknik Elektronika

Ridho Azhar Megantara | D3 Teknik Elektronika


Yandi Bayu Karima Waly | D4 Teknik Mekatronika


Nadindra Wikrama | D4 Teknik Mekatronika

Mochamad Firmansah | D4 Teknik Mekatronika

Shalahuddin Aditya Aji | D4 Teknik Mekatronika

Abulkhair Rizvan Yahya | D4 Teknik Mekatronika

Amanda Debi Arafah | D4 Teknik Mekatronika

Nur Aiza Maulidianita | D4 Teknik Elektronika

Erlangga Yudi Pradana | D4 Teknik Elektronika

Muhamad Afif Prasetyo | D4 Teknik Elektronika

Candra Kusum Wijaya | D4 Teknik Elektronika

Indra Putra Mahayuda | D4 Teknik Komputer


Sultan Syahputra Yulianto | D4 Teknik Telekomunikasi

Azka Rabbani Minanda | D4 Teknik Komputer

Syahrul Febriansah | D4 Teknik Mekatronika

Muhammad Dava Fachrulah | D4 Teknik Mekatronika

Muhammad Fahrizal | D4 Teknik Mekatronika